Saturday, April 10, 2010


Best birthday ever. No joke. 
Tony and Blake greeted me in the morning with warm cinnamon rolls and birthday singing. My lovely roommates came in with balloons and more singing. At work we had doughnuts and even more birthday singing. 
I turned 20 at 2:33 out in the warm sun in Brigham Square on my way to the BYUSA office. I supervised the (final?) branding photo shoot for the giant pop up with a big group of beautiful friends. Precious Taylor bought me Jamba. Everyone in the office snuck up and sang just before the end of office hours. Thank you BYUSA friends!
Emmie called me in a British accent just after 5 to figure out where I was. Dinner with Emmie and Mom at Fusion Asian Grill; we loved our Korean food. Mom bought me 4 dozen blue and white balloons at Maceys. 
[childhood dream realized]
[BSE- 6 days short of 6 years]

Then it was back to the Wilk to set up for the surprise party. Yes. Surprise. That's what I wanted and that's what I had. 
My wonderful graphic design friend Zach Woffinden designed these beautiful invitations for me. You can find more of his work here:


The party was wonderful. In the end, over 500 guests were invited- woo! Mom and Emmie got to stick around and meet a ton of my college/high school friends. Thanks to everyone for making sure they felt loved and included in all our fun.
[Just a few of my wonderful birthday guests]  
It was such a fun night. After the building coordinator kicked us out, and a quick run to Wendy's, we had cake back at Liberty and my wonderful roommates gave me a beautiful painting; I think all my close up pictures of flowers inspired them. I can't wait to hang it up! The night concluded with a car talk into the early morning and reading "nice notes."
Thanks again to everyone that added to my birthday. I loved getting the texts, reading all your facebook posts, hearing your birthday wishes, and seeing all of you throughout the day.
That's why it really was the best birthday ever. Goodbye teens; I'm 20 now!

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