Saturday, July 31, 2010

oh, what do you do in the summertime?

Race for the Cure | May 8th
Race for the Cure has become a family tradition of sorts. The Salt Lake City race is one of the biggest with over 17,000 participants this year. Now that it's so crowded, we just walk the route and enjoy seeing all the crazy pink that people deck out in.

attend lots of wedding receptions and bridal showers
Hooray for love! Seriously. I went to a lot of them.

become addicted to LOST
Thank you Chad Johnson. When he left to NYC for his summer internship, he graciously allowed me to borrow the first five seasons... and from there, I got just a little addicted. I started three weeks before the sixth, and final, season's finale and was able to follow the saga from beginning to end.

assist with the Special Olympics | May 27-29
Such a cool event. My friend Justin Smith referred me to be on the Games Organizing Committee a couple of months back. With the way that BYUSA elections worked out, I was able to get going right when they started planning in April. I had the great opportunity to help out with the public relations, a lot of which was heavily involved with the media. I was able to meet some really great people and was really touched by the mission of the Special Olympics.
[taking care of business]
[best dance ever.]
[a few of GOC friends]

vacation in Kaua'i | June 11-19
First trip to Hawaii! That's kinda a big deal. Mom, Joe, Emmie and I took a break and had some fun far far away from the mainland.

Emmie and I probably had too much fun taking pictures and making music videos

The best part of the whole trip was really just catching up with my BSE.
[just arriving at the hotel]
 [can't get enough of this]
[just after our surfing lesson]
[camera lovin']
[so much fun happened in this hammock]

help Mom plan her wedding
It's not to common to be able to help your mom plan her wedding. I got to share in this great joy as her Maid of Honor. My biggest responsibility was creating the perfect wedding playlist.

start the next year of BYUSA fun
[the infamous hand tap game]*

Adventure Experience was up near Bear Lake. This is the bunch of officers I'll get to become best friends with over the next few semesters; I can't wait.
*not pictured: Jared Colton

be uplifted by the Manti Temple Pagent | June 25
[Manti, UT]

I'd gone to the pageant a few times as a kid. Coming back here was wonderful. We went down as a ward activity; such a powerful experience. I'll be sure to bring warmer clothes next time- it got cold! 

celebrate the 4th of July for four straight days
This was probably the most epic 4th of July I'd experienced in a long time. Because the 4th was on a Sunday, everyone in Utah decided that it meant we needed to celebrate Friday through Monday.
[hiking the Y]
 [everything the light touches]
 [triumphant at the peak]
 [gearing up for the parade on the 5th]
 [dragon posing]
[I was on the float... and then the front page of the DU!]

watched BYU go viral
I can't get enough of the HBLL Production Team. I was with Olivia as we watched this get 300 views... and we thought that was a lot!

break a world record in the World's Largest Water Balloon Fight
The Office of Spring and Summer came up with a great ploy to make people stay in Provo- the World's Largest Water Balloon Fight! We stole the record from the University of Kentucky and I was never so wet in my life.
 [we made a lot of friends]
[the aftermath]
This is the link to the Kyle Andrews music video for "You Always Make Me Smile" that was made during the event. Here's the KSL 5 news story. 

spend a lot of time with Olivia Gallegos & Rachel Schwartz

Yup. Just can't get enough of these girls.

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