Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Harry Potter Blizzocolypse BYU Dream

I had one of the strangest dreams of my life last night. Here what I remember:

I'm in the BYUSA office in the Wilk when all of a sudden a female administrator comes running into the office, frantically grabs Angela, and tells the packed office of volunteers to brace ourselves. It's then that I gain this super vision and can look all the way down the desk, past clubs, and out the stairwell's window to the outdoors and see there is a HUGE storm outside. I also then realize that the ground and building are buckling in undulations. People are being pitched in the air, screaming, the lights are flashing on and off, the wind/rain/thunder death-storm can be heard roaring through the office, people are grabbing on to things... mayhem. I run with a couple other (unfamiliar but recognizable in the dream) people and hide in a doorway/corner for safety but we still don't feel safe.

The building stops rocking to the extreme extent and the administrator, who has now turned into a sort of Bellatrix, tells us to leave through the front of the office. People start running out and in the mass, I go against the flow and leave out through a secret back hallway and down the stairs by Jamba. As I run out to the terrace, I realize the Center for Service is empty, as though it never existed. I see a couple people I know that are running up stairs (the Wilk has now combined with aspects of Hogwarts) to the theater on the top floor.

I take off after all these people, avoiding the administrator/Bellatrix. While passing the BYUSA office again, I see the window plastered with people that have been stupefied. I shudder and continue following the crowd as they race to the 20th floor's theater (which seems to be Alta's auditorium, just much more mystical). The auditorium is darkened and an hour and a half brainwash event is going on (like something from Lost). I realize I need to keep my eyes closed (maybe because the two leaders at the front have the eyes of Medusa/the basilisk?) Everyone else seems brainwashed by their eye powers instead of being turned to stone or struck dead.

I sit and listen to the presentation for a really long time, but after putting on my sunglasses, I can peek out and see people just standing up and leaving. The male and female brainwash leaders at the front don't seem to notice. I see a boy in the front wearing a red jersey, who looks much more like the Cedric Diggory from my imagination more than Edward Cullen, about to stand and make his own escape, and decide to leave with him. I make my way past all the people in my row and army crawl to the front where Cedric is. He bolts for the door and I run out with him. I yelled something victorious as I leapt through the doors.

On the other side, Cedric has already left and I know I just need to get out. I leave out the Jamba lot doors, accio my broomstick, hop on mid run and kick off into the air, just out of the grasp of some evil people that were trying to thwart me. I fly low to my house, which seems an awful lot like the apartments from Westside Story, and get indoors. My roommates all happen to be male. They are very happy that I'm home and tell me about this awesome event that's coming up. They've hung posters the size of the Jonas Brother's Stadium of Fire poster that hung on Lavell Edward's stadium from our building advertising a concert from Beethoven, Hitler, and other famous dead people.

It now clicks that they've been brainwashed too because these were the very people I'd heard about during the brainwashing presentation, but because I hadn't seen it, I was still myself. I got back on my broom, cut the zip ties that were holding up the two posters and accidentally caught the attention of two police officers/zombies from Thriller. They start chasing me, I go back to my roommates who have snapped out of the trance since I cut down the posters and we run to the nearby apartment complex that closely resembles a combo of the Avenues and the Riv.

Neither of these places offer a good place to hide from the swarming Thriller zombie police but luckily the multicultural student association was having an event here with a live bear. They perform a Native American dance and release the bear which distracts the TZP. I run out of the complex, everything is in flames...

and I wake up.

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