Monday, May 2, 2011

A Clean Slate

Spring term just started up last week and things have been really busy. I have two classes for my major (Comms 300 and Comms 321), work at the library, a possible internship with the Red Cross, my service calling I'm working to do more with in my ward and tons of other little things running through my mind.

I'm very grateful for this change of pace in my life and the opportunity that I have to start fresh and be reinvigorated with my classes. I don't know what it it's been, but lately, I feel like something is lacking.

For the first time since I first came to BYU, I don't have a leadership position on campus. I miss BYUSA a lot. I really have been changed by the time I was able to spend in that office and the people I was able to interact with. It's really strange for me to not have a responsibility on campus; however, I still feel like focusing on public relations is what I'm supposed to be doing. Part of me feels like I've opened the next chapter to my life- and that's both completely exciting and utterly terrifying.

With the added time I'm reinvesting myself in my classes- that is, after all, what I'm here for- and trying to figure out where exactly that hole in me is.

Last night there was a CES Fireside with the Primary General President, Rosemary M. Wixom. You can find the broadcast for yourself here. Sister Wixom posed the question, "How can our surrounding landscape help us come to our Redeemer?" and offered four further questions to ponder on:

1. How can I come to know the Spirit of the Holy Ghost?
2. How will I come to know the Book of Mormon is true?
3. How will I come to know the personal plan Heavenly Father has for me?
4. How will I come to know the Father and his Son?

In reflecting on her words, there was one quote that really hit me.

"You are on this Earth and have merely forgotten what you once knew."

I think that this is part of my hole. I can improve in so many areas of my life but I feel like starting back at the basics with who I really am is going to really help.

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Krewson Family said...

you are so good :) and I understand the piece of your heart missing once you leave the BYUSA office. You are going to great things cici!